Carotid Artery Surgery: The Procedure

Your body’s vascular system comprises a carotid artery on each side of your neck. Its function is to bring a healthy amount of oxygenated blood to your face and brain. However, when the vein suffers from a blockage, there is a disruption in the blood flow to the brain and face. As the name of the condition suggests, blood deficiency to the brain can be severe. Similarly, the face can experience noticeable changes, like bulging of the veins.

For that, most people opt for carotid artery surgery to remove plaque buildup inside the carotid veins. Reputable cosmetic and surgical vein and vascular institutes like Elizabeth Face & Body Med Spa can help address your carotid artery condition. If you require surgical treatment options, Dr. Elizabeth Pensler can help. She possesses the experience, training, and expertise in performing vascular surgeries.


Firstly, your surgeon might use a local anesthetic to see how your brain responds to the numbness and anesthetic effects. The surgery usually takes place on an outpatient basis and needs no more than a few hours. Often, patients have permission to go back home after the procedure.

The Procedure

The procedure will begin when your surgeon provides a local or general anesthetic to sedate you. This will cause numbness around the affected area of the body and increase the amount of time that you’re out of consciousness. This is so that you, i.e., the patient, don’t feel any discomfort or pain. The main goal is to cut into the neck through a precise incision and safely remove the plaque, which is causing the blockage and restricted blood flow to the brain and face inside the carotid artery.

While the brain and face will receive blood on the other side of the neck, the surgeon will use precise instruments to clamp the carotid artery on one side of the neck while the surgery is in progress.

Your surgeon may use a tube to help with rerouting the blood flow around the targeted carotid artery. Following that, they will utilize proper surgical instruments to remove the fatty plaque and help restore the blood flow by patching up the artery and neck incision with stitches. For the fluid buildup in your neck, the surgeon may use a drain. After removing the plaque, your surgeon will release the clamp and stitch off the carotid artery in place.


If you require adequate treatment for your vascular disease and condition, you should look for the best vascular surgeon around. At Elizabeth Face & Body Med Spa, Dr. Elizabeth Pensler performs effective vascular surgeries and treatment procedures to help you with your venous and arterial conditions.

The institute operates on the basis of compassion towards patients and using the latest technology. You can get the best medical assistance to overcome and counter the symptoms of your vascular condition with guidance from the renowned surgeon Dr. Pensler.


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